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We have been doing new installs and repairs on water treatment equipment for almost 40 years now. If you are not sure what’s wrong, we can quickly diagnose the problem with a water test. If it’s fouled with Iron, we can clean it out. If it’s a mechanical problem, we stock most needed parts and can usually repair the equipment immediately. If it’s a situation of inadequate equipment for the required purpose, we can recommend solutions.

Products & Solutions

Below are some of our most popular products:

Water Conditioners:  

We have the meter based Water conditioners made by Clack, as well as Pentair's Autotrol and Fleck.  Some of the more interesting new products we have are the "Clack WS1" and the "Clack Twin Alternating". The "Clack Twin Alternating" is a new design for a twin tank water conditioner that  is competitvely priced, and more reliable than some of the older "twin tank" conditoners.  And of course we stilll have the Autotrol water conditioners that we have had so much luck with over the last four decades.

Chemical Free Iron FIlters-"Iron Breaker 3"

One of the newer products that we sell and service is the "Iron Breaker 3"  This chemical free Iron Filter oxidizes the Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide by running the water through an air pocket in the tank, and then through a filter media to remove it.  The end result is clearer and better smelling water than was possible  to achieve with the previous generations of Iron Filter.  If you need better quality water and/or have an Iron filter that you have to add chemicals to, you would do well to upgrade to an "Iron Breaker 3".  And we  now have an Asenic removal media that can be used with the " Iron Breaker 3."

Whole House Arsenic Removal

We have filter media from Aldex and/or Graver Technogies designed for "whole house" removal of Arsenic, as well as Reverse Osmosis systems to remove arsenic from drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis

We currently have "Puro Max" reverse osmosis systems. These new RO filters are  rated at 50 gallons per day, and they are a significant improvement over the 20 gallon per day models that were typical in the past.  Frequently we will install them in the basement, leaving you more room under your kitchen sink, and making filter changes easier.

Elimanate cartridge filters - by using a Carbon Tank
Our carbon tanks remove sulphur and other odors effectively without requiring time consuming and expensive filter changes.

Flushable Filters- Eliminate cartridge filters.
No more weekly or monthly filter changes! These filters effectively remove grit and large particles before the water is filtered or softened. Eliminate the need for messy filter changes, and the need to buy replacement cartridges.

Salt Delivery
We have Dura-Cube salt in 40 pound bags, and Potassium Chloride in 40 pound bags. We offer free delivery with a minimum order of 15 bags.